YUK’s Environmental Policy

YUK disposes of an environmental management system that establishes a series of policies and principles to be followed:

  • Manage our activities in order to reduce as much as possible our environmental impact.
  • Continuously improve our activities, products and services in order to collaborate to a fair environmental development and to prevent pollution.
  • We struggle to conserve and protect the environment by operating in a socially responsible way.
  • Comply with all existing regulations proceeding from European and National levels, as well as from Regional and Local ones; and remain aware of any evolution of such laws in the future.
  • Our facilities and production processes are designed to work and to be maintained in the most efficient way and in the respect of the environment.
  • Carry out a strict and meticulous control of the management and of the declaration of both our packaging and our hazardous waste.
  • Work to maximise our productive efficiency trying to minimise our energy consumption and the generation of non-recoverable waste from our processes

By being aware of the impact of our activities on the environment, we assume among our priorities to encourage and promote this series of guidelines and principles.

In that spirit, we perform quarterly environmental external audits in order to follow up on the actions we undertake and not to lose focus on the continuous improvement process in the interest of the environment that surrounds us.