YUK, over 50 years of commitment to our customers

Since 1964 YUK has been manufacturing and commercialising chains and transmission elements.

The objective of all the people that integrate YUK is our customer’s satisfaction.
We are very clear about our Mission, our Vision and our Values.

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Differentiating factor

Day by day, YUK keeps moving forward thanks to the people that constitute our team.


More than 1,500 clients, more than 15 different sectors and in more than 40 countries.

Our suppliers

They help us maintaining and make our value chain growing along time.

New technologies

Our target is to grow and adapt to changes in order to follow on leading the industry.

Continuous Improvement:

Generating professional development plans for our team in all the areas of the company.

1960 - 1970


YUK was founded in 1964 in business premises in Valencia.

In 1969 YUK increases its facilities until 1,200 m².

At that time, it was employing 12 people.

1980 - 1990


YUK moves to Ribarroja del Turia.

New facilities with 4,000 m².

Employees increase until 40 people.

2000 - 2010


YUK expands its company’s product portfolio to more than 10,000 references.

Building of our first logistics warehouse.

YUK begins to expand internationally.

2017- 2020


YUK is pioneer in the automation of production.

Implementation of Technology 4.0.

New Logistics smart warehouse and headquarters projected for 2019.

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