Let’s look back to keep moving forward: Milestones 2017-2020

It’s been indeed a complicated year for everybody, personal, business and social wise, but before we move on to 2021 we would be glad to share with you our latest 2020 post, enlightening the most importants milestones accomplished from 2017 to 2020.

Breathe deeply and keep on reading the milestones we are really proud of!

  • Set-up and implementation of the Docuware Managemt System, creating standard and agile internal processes whilst saving paper.
  • Double Screen System in all our devices for better and safer work.
  • Solar farm in our rooftop, reducing significantly our carbon footprint.
  • Focus on the needs and motivation of the team in training, providing more than 4.500 hours in in-house and external training, creating more opportunities and strengthening the team capabilities.
  • Improvement of our internal and external communication, more transparency in what we do and how we communicate it.
  • Set-up and implementation Business Intellignece tools, providing valuable and real time information for the decisision making.
  • Moving towards a real Industry 4.0, reducing times and cost in the manufaturing.
  • Implementation of the homework in record time while improving our client’s satisfaction.
  • Investing in state of the art new equipment in our Valencia factory, rendering our manufacturing more competitive.
  • Improvement our YUK image and created new segment catalogs, more engagement wit our clients & partners through social networking, mainly LinkedIn, and our new website.
  • Launching of our B2B e-commerce platform has been a major achievement, better partnering, better pricing, better service, online information, all in our B2B platform
  • And the biggest success ofi t all, where we have moved to our new Head Offices relocating all 5 warehouses in the new Smart one, with more than 14000m2. Increasing significanly the amount of orders handled and decreasing the response time for a better service.

Looking back to these last 3 years, we can be very proud of what we have achieved, thanks to everybody involved and everybody in the YUK Team, committed beyond 100%.

This is certainly giving us the boost to keep delivering excellence and improving day by day, coping with any situation and any challenge that the future may bring.

So we would like to take this opportunity to ask to care about you and care about others, this is what really matters.

And for sure, let’s hope 2021 to be much better than the present year which we are happy to wave good-bye! 

To all, Merry Christmas!!

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